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What is Shoeboxes for Soldiers?

Shoeboxes for Soldiers sends care packages to our soldiers abroad. The contents of the boxes touches the hearts of the soldiers and everything around him fades away, if only for a moment.

Who Is Shoeboxes for Soldiers?

We are an organization of volunteers. We team up with Andy Taylor of KTTS Radio and Brian Bingham of Family Pharmacy and do two campaigns a year, the July 4th and Christmas.

What is in the Boxes?

Our suggestions, but not limited to, are: Clothing, Healthcare, Snacks, Morale Items, Simple Supplies.

You can make your boxes personal and from the heart. Add a thank you note or letter to your soldier.

How You Can Help!

I got started because of a need for myself. I needed to do something! But it didn’t take long for me to realize that it wasn’t about me. It was about the need of our soldiers.

When I started Shoeboxes for Soldiers, almost everyone I spoke with said they always wanted to help but just didn’t know how.

So I ask you today to join us in showing our love and support to our soldiers who desperately need it.